Team Edux

A Visma Ski Classics Pro Team from Finland


Edux is a manufacturer of doors based in Nivala, Finland. Their products are sold all over Europe. With Norway as one of their key markets, cooperation with a Visma Ski Classics Team becomes extra interesting.

About the Team:

Last year Team ES Endurance entered Visma ski Classics. This year the team is taking a big step forward with a new tile sponsor. The new title sponsor will be Edux-Ovet Oy. The team’s name will change to Team Edux.

Our ambition is to still grow during the following years and at the same time grow the interest in marathon skiing, especially in Finland. We want to inspire all people in all ages and with different backgrounds.


Niko Koskela

Eric Storvall

Olli Tyrväinen

Erik Silfver

David Sulkakoski

Noora Kivikko

Niina Virtanen

Service Crew

Stefan Storvall

Jussi Kärkkäinen


Team director:

Eric Storvall: eric at esendurance.com +358407560468